Annette Curtis Klause comment on my review

YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY from 2 days ago I befriended one of my favorite authors aka Annette Curtis Klause and I told her that I have reviewd The Silver Kiss so she stopped by and left me comment and for the 2 times she tried posting; my bloddy blog did not let her do it *Bloooooooooody Blog lol*. I asked her what she wrote so I can post it myself and here what she tried to post:

Thanks, Neveen! I appreciate your kind words. *blush blush* Did you know that I had a short story about Simon published a few years ago? It’s called “The Summer of Love” and is in a collection entitled “The Color of Absence” edited by James Howe and published by Simon & Schuster. Maybe your library has it.

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