A Great and Terrible Beauty Review

A Great and Terrible Beauty Review

How do I see the Book;
It’s a great and terrible, it’s the magic that is forbidden to be used but not for the 16 years old Gamma Doyle; that her mum dies after a vision of Gamma’s. now mysteries and every thing does not as it seams, the order is bad by the hands of Gamma; even if the Rakashan do not approve the magic of the realm to be used again. Gamma is going to change her world and our world by her amazing adventure of breaking away from rules and let the magic enter our world. Every thing have consciousnesses even the magic of the runs.
A Great and Terrible Beauty is not a fantasy Victorian novel it is the guide to show us that you can break away from your life and what all pull us away from achieving our dreams. We are no longer going with the flow; we are going to find our own destiny, find it but not like Pipa did.

My review;
I loved this series since I have seen the book covers on Amazon; I said “one day I will read them” sure I said that and the next day I found my lovely father taking me to the book store and buying them. I swear that he do not know that I wanted them until now.
When I held the books they took my breath; I knew that my magic had began.
Libba Bray created amazing characters that have been touched my heart and I admit that I love Kritek.

I love this book. I can not believe that every word, scene and chapter have been written for a reason. The story flow smoothly, not so fast or slow but with the perfect emotion.

Plot and story line; 5/5
Characters; 5/5
uniquely factors; 5/5

Scenes of Sexuality ; 4/5

Review over all
I am still going to give it 20 out of 20 A+ because it’s a novel by Libba Bray…
The book is more than perfect and I can write pages on why you should read it.
Age rating; +15


2 responses to “A Great and Terrible Beauty Review

  1. oh finally the review is up!!! i've been waiting for it forever hhh
    yes definitely a great book, i love the characters too, i love the story line, and i absolutly love Libba Bray, she's perfect!! and i love u Neve!! <33

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