Waiting on Wednesday (12)

Title: The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Vol.1: Phantom

Author: L.J. Smith

Release Date: October 25, 2011

Publisher: HarperTeenA continuation of the wonderful Vampire Diaries series.

Summary: The past is never far. . . .Elena Gilbert and her friends saved Fell’s Church from evil spirits bent on destroying it, but the town’s freedom came at a price: Damon Salvatore’s life.
Damon’s death changes everything. He and his vampire brother, Stefan, had been locked in a vicious battle for Elena’s heart. Now that he’s gone, Elena and Stefan can finally be together. So why can’t Elena stop dreaming of Damon? As Elena’s feelings for Damon grow, a new darkness is brewing in Fell’s Church. Elena has been to hell and back, but this demon is like nothing she’s ever seen. Its only goal is to kill Elena and everyone she loves.


2 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday (12)

  1. Greetings!
    I happened to find your blog via “sea of pages blog” and I must say I stayed and looked at yours because I really liked the site design with the pictures on the header. very pretty! and I also love victorian/vampire things etc… 🙂

    I shall be back again!
    I enjoyed reading your posts and even entered your Halloween Book giveaway.

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