Release Day: Cursed by Lynn Ricci

Lynn Ricci
Genre: Paranormal Romance
 The story takes place over the Christmas holiday… it involves a witch . . . and other surprises…
Book Description-
  When Sarah Carter moves to Boston to escape her past she realizes there’s more than meets the eye with the landlord and her mysterious new best friend.
What happened to the owner of this Boston brownstone and what secrets lie within its walls and continue to torment?
And is she actually running back to her past instead of from it?

About the author;
     Lynn Ricci was born and raised in the Boston area. Her professional background is in financial communications and she pursues her artistic endeavors of painting and writing while enjoying an active family life with her two children and dog, Fenway.

A writer of several published short stories including Daydreams, The Dating Intervention is her debut novel. More information on novels available and underway as well as samples of her artwork can be found at

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