NEW Book BY C.S. Lewis Coming Out Soon!

C.S. Lewis Minute

Update 8/31/2013: I received a reply from Walter Hooper where I requested additional information about this new forthcoming book. That information is only at my larger (umbrella) site;; so, CLICK HERE to read it. HOWEVER, some details are only mentioned below. 

Image and Imagination

I know what you’re thinking, “C.S. Lewis took the time to come back from the dead, 50 years after his passing to give his fans a new book.” Unfortunately that isn’t true. For if it were then we wouldn’t have to wait about a week or two AFTER the anniversary of his death to get a copy of Image and Imagination.

More seriously, there is indeed and new book by C.S. Lewis that is edited by Walter Hooper coming out. What will be in this new book, you ask? At the time of this writing the details are incomplete, but here is what we…

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