On Our Nightstand #2

Corsets, Cutlasses, & Candlesticks

Here’s what the members of Corsets & Cutlasses are reading this week! 
But for BirminghamFrom Laura Golden: BUT FOR BIRMINGHAM​ : The Local and National Movements in the Civil Rights Struggle for my current WIP. Also, DUKE by Kirby Larson which is waiting patiently to be real aloud to my boys.
the wolvesFrom Sue Hill Long: ​ There’s a stack of books on my nightstand, but  on top is a book I read over and over again as a young reader: ​THE WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE, by the great​ Joan Aiken​.  Reading it takes me right back to cold, snowy nights growing up in Maine. I loved the extensive cast of villainous and heroic characters, the Edward Gorey cover art, and the delicious series of unfortunate events for poor Bonnie and Sylvia.​
charm & strangeFrom Katy Longshore: I’m about to start CHARM AND STRANGE by…

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