Shadow of Mordor – A Preview

I am so excited for this game…

Sleeping Geeks

Monolith and Warner Bros have combined their efforts and forged a game based in Lord Of The Rings: Middle Earth.

It can be seen that similarities appear present but is that truly a bad thing?

I’m a firm believer of building on what foundations have been laid before, and this game has potential to do so. Why does it have potential because the two games it has been likened to are the Assassin’s Creed series and the Batman Arkham series (which I have already expressed my view on).MiddleearthShadowofMordor_Screenshot_TalionMelee1

We are Talion a ranger of Gondor who has been embodied by a Wraith. His family murdered, his loved ones desecrated. With the will of revenge he plans the journey.

Talion has the ability to use the wraith to bend the intentions of weaker enemies. This power alone gives the player the power allowing him either to

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