Heather Hartnell (1983)

Doctor Who Interview Archive

Here’s a very touching interview with William Hartnell’s widow Heather, talking to DWM back in 1983 about her husband’s time on the show, including his public appearances and, sadly, the illness that forced him to retire. At the end, there’s a very nice little story about a solid gold TARDIS…

“I will always remember that first telephone call. Terry (William Hartnell’s son-in-law and agent) phoned me up from London saying that he was coming down to the cottage because he had this most incredible script that he wanted Bill to read and tell him about. ‘I don’t know what he’s going to say, but it’s for a children’s serial’. I was a little taken aback and asked if it was a tough guy part. ‘No, it’s an old man with long white hair, an old professor who’s a bit round the bend’. Well, I said ‘Bill will love it’, but…

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