Author of the week: Diana Wynne Jones


“aaAAaaHH!!” That’s the contented sigh of someone who has spent a week closeted with every kind of human trauma and misery (see last week’s post), and is now settling into the familiar magic of a Diana Wynne Jones book – usually to be found under J in the bookshop or library, but it’s worth checking the Ws too.


I myself became aware of Diana Wynne Jones at exactly the right age, just as she began writing books for children. Wilkins’ Tooth was a compelling, edgy and unsettling debut which hinged on the uncomfortable truth that every child recognises and every grown-up fears: whenever you tell a grown-up that something really is wrong, you know they won’t take you seriously. Frank and Jess have their pocket money stopped just when they badly need to repay the local bully. A get-rich-quick scheme soon leads them into confrontation with not just the bully…

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