Random Musings (1)

Hello everyone,
                        How are you doing? I wonder. Without no further delay I give you my Random Musings  which is mostly about my life inspirations; too many things shape and create my mind and soul for that each week I will be randomly and without any arrangements write and post about those who touched and still touche my young hear -age is just a number- so let me take you inside my dream worlds and fantasies. Here we go…

Today I will speak about muse number 1. The Doctor.
We all know him that too old guy with too many faces but all share one thing which is saving others.

O! Doctor, my Doctor…

The ninth is just a wonderful protective 
brother and best friend.

The tenth is just charming and
all want to marry him; he is just the perfect lover.

The eleventh is just nosy, fun, cute and childish. 
He is just my reflection in the mirror.


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