Philip Reeve’s Top 10 Time Travellers!

Philip Reeve doctor who

We asked Philip Reeve, author of the fourth Doctor Who anniversary eshort, to list his Top 10 Time Travellers and boy does he know what he’s talking about. In fact we’re even beginning to wonder if he is trying to share some greater, bigger, clock-watching, cog busting secret (see number 10* for more!)

*number 10 of this blog post, not the Prime Minister!

1. ‘The Time Traveller’ inThe Time MachinebyHG Wells

The Time Machine was
written in 1895 and is still one of the best time-travel stories ever. HG
Wells’s traveler (whose name we never learn) uses his machine to travel into
the distant future (the year 802,701 AD to be precise) where he discovers that
human beings have split into two separate races – the pretty, child-like Eloi
and the brutish cave-dwelling Morlocks. Later in the book he goes still further,
to the very end of…

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