Policies and FAQ

Frequently asked questions:
1. What is the meaning of Le Vanity Victorienne?
Le Vanity Victorienne is the French
meaning of The Victorian Vanity.

2. Why is it named Le Vanity Victorienne?

Because most of the time bloggers go
for the names related to books or words but I went to my favorite era of the
all; The Victorian Era where modernism mixed with history in sweet harmony that
only few enjoyed and shall enjoy. The Victorian Era had and still has a vanity
of life style, love of paranormal & supernatural and also love for since. I
appreciate The Victorian literature and I believe is it one of the most important
in history (would never mind pre Victorian and some of the Post Victorian).
Books are our vanity to the world, the
reflection of lives beyond imagination so it is Le Vanity Victorienne.  
“Le Vanity Victorienne; I
named it for books are my Vanity and through them I see realms of wonders
–Nevey B.

3. What is Le Vanity Victorienne about?

Mainly this blog been dedicated to literature
applies for readers between age Zero and 18.
Sometimes it is a Classic blog (I
change my reading mood every once and a while).

4. The Le Vanity Victorienne can be a Classic Blog?

Indeed it can be defends as;
♫♪♪♥ Classics, Classical
and Modern 
I have come too far to the point which I need illumination
to my darkness which been inspired by
 At this moment of time where I get to read what I love not
caring about any thing. So from this moment forward I
shall focused more upon classics & classical novels and
Fantasy, so as poetry; still I shall read & review my favorite novels.
I decided to join the THE CLASSICS CLUB 
“Le Vanity Victorienne a personal journal of a literature lover who is unable
to major in English so she decided to learn it upon her own hands…”

5. Which genres do you read and review?

What I read is different than what I
accept for reviews.
I do read and I might review them
over the blog:
-Children Books {any Book}.
-Middle Grade Books {any Book}
-Young Adult  Books {any book}.
-Adult books {Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Historical
romance, Historical fiction, Paranormal
-Classics.{Classical, Classics re-Telling,
Classics’ Sequels
-None Fiction {Writing themed, About Authors,
Historical or my evil collage books

6. Which genres do you accept for reviews?

 I only accept:
      ·        Children’s
      ·    Middle Grade Fiction.
      ·        Young Adult

·        Fantasy, Science Fiction. (
Some selected  
Science Fiction and not self published )

            ·    Clean Historical Romance. (Mild scenes are acceptable and not self published ).

            ·    Clean Historical Fiction. (Mild scenes are acceptable and not self published ).

7. What is your review policy? 

I do not accept an ebooks and self published books.

(Please forgive me but I am working on enjoying my reading list) 

except in some

A. I requested it a blog
tour and I signed up for.
B. you are a close friend of mine
or I might die if I am not going to read your book.
C. I lost the hard copy within
the mail.
-When you send an email to request a review, if I did not emailed you
back in 72 hours then it means:
“My sincere
apologies but your book don’t apply to my reading taste at the moment”

8. What is your ARCs policy?

I gladly
accept ARCs and I follow the publishers’ rules when it comes to posting my
review or I post the review before the publication date with a week.

9. Do you accept self-published books?

Same goes for it as the ebooks but
adding if I believe the book worth a push to the world.

10. What else do you offer for publishers and

I can
·      Blog
tour stops. (Authors, publishers or tour hosting websites).

release or cover reveal  (Authors, publishers
or agents feel free to contact me about releases and reveals
All interviews consist of
up to eight questions; five which re related to the book and three which may-or-may-not
have anything to do with writing or books

posts. (
If an author wants to write
a guest post, they can write about whatever they want


(I love giveaways and the happiness of the winner. I can host book
giveaways, bookmarks and other books’ related things…

If you’re interested in blog tour,
cover reveal, giveaway, being interviewed or doing a guest post, send me an
email at
 Le.Vanity.Victorienne [at] gmail [.] com.

11. What is your rating system?
5 Stars: I adore this Book; run to the
next bookstore and buy a copy.
4 Stars: I really love it.
3 Stars: Good Book; I’ve enjoyed it.
2 Stars: entertaining; if you are on a
boring flight without TV.
1 Star: it been real enough but still
I could not stand it.
Did not finish: forgive me but I could not make it
to the end.

12. How will the review post look like?

The Review
Post will be like:

-Genera :
-Rating:  ? /5 

13. Where do you post your reviews?

also add the review to;
14. How can I get contact with you?
Just e-mail me over;



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