Whose Doctor Who?

The writers of the Doctor Who anniversary series tell us how their Doctors introduced themselves . . .

Doctor Eoin

Eoin colfer cover“As a boy I had been reading the Doctor Who books for years before I
ever saw a single episode and I found that the on-screen version of the First
Doctor was almost identical to the version in my imagination.” Eoin Colfer

Michael Scott cover2
Doctor MSCott‘Everyone has their ‘own’ Doctor – usually the one they first started
watching. Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor, was mine and so writing this
story was an opportunity to revisit a really important part of my childhood.
There are elements of Patrick Troughton in every Doctor who followed – that’s
how influential and important he is.” Michael Scott

Doctor Marcus Sedgwick

Spear of destiny“To me, Jon Pertwee is the quintessential Doctor – a hero of both
thought and action. When I was young he seemed like a schoolmaster you were a
bit afraid…

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